An Introduction to My First Short Story

I have some ideas for writing stories and I have finally put a few down on paper. Here is an introductory few paragraphs to my first attempt. Feedback would be most welcome, I have an idea of where to take the story, but further ideas would also be most appreciated. I hope you enjoy it, does it make you want to read more?

Untitled Short Story

Chapter One

An hour before the phone rang, David was walking through the front door after a relatively uneventful day at work. He had completed the usual hour long commute from the city but knew he still had a long evening of work ahead of him. It was Thursday and so the two women in his life, his wife and daughter, would likely be wrapped up in the latest reality TV offering, which would give him some time to work on his presentation.

            He went into the living room, things seemed a bit quieter than usual, the TV wasn’t on, his daughter was nowhere to be seen. He walked through into the dining room, put his briefcase on the table and moved into the kitchen. The kitchen was empty and so he assumed the girls were upstairs, he boiled some water and took out a cup and his favorite brand of black tea.

One of things he most enjoyed in life nowadays was a nice cup of black tea when he got home from work. When he travelled through England during his gap year he would drink gallons of the stuff and the taste had stuck with him ever since. He ordered direct from Yorkshire every few months via the internet, his obsession was that strong.

He sat at the kitchen table, drank his tea and glances at his watch. He had been in the house for over 20 minutes now and he had heard no sounds from his wife or daughter, this was unusual but he was beginning to enjoy the peace and quiet. After 30 minutes he decided he would go upstairs, greet his family and change into something more comfortable so he could start work on his presentation before dinner.

He climbed the stairs and walked straight into the master bedroom.

His wife wasn’t there.

Ok, she must be in Celia’s room. But then, he didn’t hear anything from her room as he walked past. Not that that was unusual, she often had her earplugs in as she sat at her laptop, but if Amanda was in there, surely they would be talking.

David walked out of the room and back onto the landing. He walked towards his daughter’s room and knocked on the door.

“Amanda, Celia, Are you in there?” he asked

No reply. David knocked again a little louder.

“Amanda, Celia, I’m home girls, what are you doing?” he tried again.

No reply.

David tried the door, the handle turned and he walked inside.


Curious, David thought. Not overly worried but he hadn’t known both of them to be out of the house at the same time when he got home from work. He pulled out his phone from his pants and opened up his WeChat app. Amanda had recently downloaded the app and she asked him to do the same as it was cheaper than texting, if you had a Wifi connection, which of course they did throughout the house. One of the good things (or bad, depending on your point of view) about the app was that you could tell if someone had read your message or not.

He sent a quick text via the app that read Hey honey, Just got home, expected to find either you or Celia but the house is empty, where are you?

David stared at the phone waiting to see if Amanda was going to read it. He waited a few minutes and still it showed that she hadn’t read the message so he put the phone back into his pocket and deciding against a shower went back downstairs.

Walking back through the house an uneasy sense came over him, he couldn’t remember the last time he was alone in this house and he didn’t like the feeling it gave him. He went into the living room, turned on the TV and decided to wait for one of them to return home. Dinner was now inevitably going to be late and he was wasting precious time that could be spent on the Simmons presentation, but he felt compelled to just sit and wait.

There wasn’t much worth watching on TV so he stuck to the news channels. He settled on FOX and watched a report about some guy in Arkansas threatening to kill is neighbor and all their 5 children over some loud birds in the garden. His phone made a little chime, he had a message on the WeChat app.

Opening his phone, he saw the message instantly. His phone showed the latest postings from various apps, Facebook, Twitter and in this case WeChat. He stared at the home page, numb. He moved his fingers along the screen to open up the message in its entirety, his hand was beginning to shake. When he clicked the message the phone asked for his security code to read the full message, he pushed it in, a little too fast at first because the phone stated his code was incorrect. He tried again, this time it opened.

David read the text Honey, I need help, please

And that was it. David was now shaking visibly, he didn’t know what to think but he feared the worse. Amanda was in trouble, and where the hell was Celia, what was going on?

He fumbled with his phone and replied back Where are you? What is going on? Are you ok?

Again, staring at his phone waiting to show that his message had been read.


Ten more minutes passed and David was still looking at his phone, expecting the message to show “read” at any time, but the screen didn’t change. What should he do? How could he help? What kind of trouble was his wife or daughter in? His Daughter, of course, she also had WeChat. Were they together? Well he thought if Amanda wasn’t replying then maybe Celia could. He found the contacts list on the app and scrolled down to his daughter’s name. He pushed the button to begin a chat conversation with her but he didn’t type.

A loud scratching sound at the front door caught his attention.

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