Beware of Internet Con Men: My Experience with Wolfgang Sladkowski

You have to be very careful and buying anything and especially sending money through the internet. Unfortunately, I have learned this lesson the hard way, so I am here sharing my experience so you don’t make the same mistake.

In March, I answered an ad about a website and app for sale, the cost was nearly $3,000. I was very skeptical at first but I emailed the advertiser with some details. I asked about revenue and what was involved in the website. The advertiser, and in this case, con man was Wolfgang Sladkowski. He told me the website was a travel review site with an app to go with it, it generates around 500 hits a day of which half are unique. It also generated 15 Euro’s a day in income. He even sent me some plausible income proof. I was very intrigued as this seemed like a good deal so I asked to meet Wolfgang in the next couple of days.

Lesson 1

Just because you are sent income proof doesn’t mean it comes from that app or website. Here was my mistake, the income proof I believe came from several apps he owns and not just the one. Since owning the app I can tell you it makes nowhere near that amount of money.

On Meeting Wolfgang he seemed a very straightforward guy and showed me several aspects of the site. (Now here is the truth part, the site is great, good content) The site is a travel guide site The app is where the revenue and traffic lies though. He showed me the app which was great and a nice way into the website with menu bars by country and it even had a flight search part where you can earn revenue (this is all in the 15 Euros a day). I decided to go ahead and take punt, so gave him a deposit, and then agreed to transfer the balance later into his account.

Lesson 2

When buying on the internet make sure you send through a reputable source such as PayPal as they can help with disputes later. Money through the bank has no guarantee’s to be return unless you can prove fraud has taken place.

As soon as he received the money I did get the website and the hosting and was told the app will take a few days to complete and go to my developer account which I already owned. This never happened. I just got excuse after excuse as to why the app couldn’t be transferred, from problems with his partner to google closing it down, all kinds of ridiculous stories. In the meantime, he had completely changed the app. No longer did it point to the content on the site I now owned but to a flight search engine (I also have access to the commission on this, but once again, far less than 15 Euro’s a day)

He also tried to sell me a number of ad-on products such as his old phone, laptop, several ibooks. He even tried to sell me a Facebook and Twitter page that went with the site. He wanted $1000 for the Facebook fan page and another $600 for the twitter account. His rationalization was that every time he posts people “like” the page.

Lesson 3

Facebook and Twitter are great marketing tools but just because someone “likes” a page doesn’t mean they are going to click a link to the page and certainly doesn’t mean they will then take action on the page or buy a product. Facebook and Twitter are best used for shop style sites, but as I said, this is a travel review site.

By now I knew I had been ripped off but I wasn’t going to let him off so easily, so I continued to demand the app up the point that he offered me a refund. Ok, I thought, now we are getting somewhere. This was in early June and I write this in early September, with no refund having taken place.

Again, there was excuse after excuse. I gave him 2 bank accounts to transfer into. He claimed to have transferred, then there was a problem. His son was ill, he got burgled, he was due a huge tax payment….the stories became more elaborate and ridiculous, I chuckled to myself when I read the emails, even though inside I was getting frustrated and quite angry. Finally he said he’d made the transfer, it had all gone through, and he had 2 sets of confirmation by text and email on July 28th. The following week, he even sent me emails telling me check my account every day. Obviously this didn’t happen, and I haven’t heard from him in over 6 weeks as I write this article.

If you ever come across Wolfgang Sladkowski, please do not do business with him. He resides in Sakon Nakhon in Northern Thailand but regularly visits Bangkok. He stays at the Rembrandt hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 18 when he is in Bangkok ( I stress, all of this is what he tells me, he has so many stories who knows what is true)

If anyone does come across him and would like proof of what I say here, please contact me, I have all the emails he sent me saved. Please take care when doing business on the internet and do not make the same mistakes as me. 

Please take a moment to visit the site. It is full of great reviews and content, it cost me a lot of money!

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  1. Thanks for the email conversation. I actually emailed the guy and he sent me a reply that didn't match with what he said in the emails. 

    Totally agree with you now, complete con man. Thanks for warning us. 

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