Blade Runner 2049 is Awesome!

I watched Blade Runner 2049 this weekend and found it awesome. It is dark, edgy and overall fantastic. The artistic elements of music and scenery are just stunning and it is a complement to the original rather than another rework or horrible sequel. The film is long, over 2 and a half hours but I never found myself bored, the story flowed, yet made me think. I must admit I may be looking for something like this in a movie and there are plenty out there who do not like to think during a movie or even sit in a theatre for that long. The characters are interesting and they keep you engrossed in what is going on, Ryan Gosling is a great actor and of course Harrison Ford is wonderful as always.

The film has a stand-alone identity to it, although a sequel that means anyone can watch it even if they haven’t seen the first film. I have seen the first film and although I could reminisce on how the sequel is never as good as the original blah blah, you have to take each film on its merits and Blade Runner 2049 is truly a great film. It’s a great balance between old and new that puts the whole story into the 21st century that a new generation can admire. The ending just brings the whole thing together perfectly and a range of emotions run through you as you contemplate the entire storyline afterwards.

It is a shame that the movie has not done so well in the box office on the first weekend as I feel people are really missing out by not seeing it. There are some people who suggest the length of the movie is too much for a dark and edgy thriller or that people don’t want to look into a dystopian future for that amount of time.

Unfortunately, there are also some who wish to jump on the bandwagon and claim the lack of box office sales was due to the portrayal of female characters. Give me a break! Here we go again. Not everything has to be about race or sex these days. Not everything has to be about how many female role models are in a film or how many black role models. If we really want to get down to it, let’s talk about the idea of white privilege. America saves the world again! The whole thing is set in California, because after all, what else is there outside Hollywood????

Listen – It is a great movie, it is science fiction, set in the future, and it is make believe. Just enjoy the movie for being a movie and a form of entertainment. I would recommend anyone to see it. 

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