Plan Your Trip, Stay Alert and Enjoy!

A while ago I wrote a post 10 Things to Prepare Before Taking A Trip. Since talking to a number of people who saw this article and blog post I have decided to update this post with my recent travels over the last few months. Always remember traveling should be a pleasurable experience and not […]

Beware of Internet Con Men: My Experience with Wolfgang Sladkowski

You have to be very careful and buying anything and especially sending money through the internet. Unfortunately, I have learned this lesson the hard way, so I am here sharing my experience so you don’t make the same mistake. In March, I answered an ad about a website and app for sale, the cost was […]

A Guide to Respecting Ramadan for Non-Muslims

This week marks the holy month of Ramadan where around 1.6 Billion Muslims will begin 30 days of fasting and prayer. During this period Muslims will not eat or drink during daylight hours. This is a very spiritual time for Muslims and also a happy time. Observing the month of Ramadan is one of the […]

The Top 5 Running Events in Thailand

When I say I like to run living in Bangkok most people think I’m crazy. Bangkok is notoriously one of the most polluted cities in the world so how can I enjoy running. Actually there are some great running venues in Bangkok and Thailand as a whole that make running very pleasurable. There are a […]

10 Things to Prepare Before Taking a Trip

There are certain preparations that have to be made before making any trip. The internet have several blogs dedicated to how you plan and pack for your trip, but what about the other preparations you need to make? Here is my guide to what you need to at least think about before making any trip […]