Book Reviews: Lee Child Crime Fiction

I was never a big reader of fiction during my school and university years. There was never the push to read recreationally or for fun that there is today, which is a shame. Nonetheless I do enjoy reading and really starting taking up the hobby in my 20’s. My favourite genre is crime fiction and […]

Teh Tarik: The National Drink of Malaysia

One of my favourite things about traveling around Asia is the huge variety of food and drink on offer. With so many countries and cultures in close proximity you get a fusion of flavours, spices and other ingredients that give you some amazing dishes and delights. One of my favourite drinks in Asia is Teh […]

Great Coffee and Desserts at UCC Coffee Shop, Bangkok

I consider myself a coffee connoisseur, when I find a good cup of coffee I tend to go back to that place time and time again. I have been to multiple coffee shops in Bangkok and around the world with differing degrees of satisfaction. One place I do like, I wouldn’t say it’s my all […]