Dating an Asian Girl

Traveling around Asia and living in Asia you come across a lot, and I mean a lot, of very beautiful ladies. If you are attracted to Asian girls you will find they have beautiful smiles, are very friendly and they like to look after themselves. Many western men move to Asia and marry an Asian girl or even take them back to the west to make a new life. If you are contemplating dating an Asia girl, there are different ways of going about this and there are a few things you must remember.

Working Girls

There are girls all over Asia that work in the red light districts selling their body to earn enough money for themselves and to send home to their families. A lot of these girls are sent by their family to earn the relatively vast amounts of money available that they wouldn’t have access to in their family home. These girls work in bars, clubs and even advertise on the internet. Now, I am not condoning their behavior or the behavior of any men that buy these girls but it is an industry and likely will not be abolished anytime soon.

Many western men have met their wives this way and either settled in Asia or taken their wives back to the west. For some, it hasn’t worked out and they have realised that all the girl wanted was money, once the ring is on the finger, things change. There are some though that have had successful marriages, kids and a happy life together. Dating a working girl is a minefield though, expect to be lied to regularly until she can trust you and you can trust her. I would say less 10% of marriages and relationships with working girls will last but if you are lucky enough to find happiness this way, then good luck.

Local Girls

Meeting a local girl in Asia can have its pitfalls as well but there are some local girls that find western men attractive and would welcome an intercultural relationship. The big deal here is the word “culture” you are crossing a cultural divide and a huge gap that you must bridge if you hope to have any successful relationship with an Asian girl.

Firstly, don’t expect to find them in a bar or club. Asian girls are very family orientated and they go out rarely. If they do go out, they usually go out in big groups of friends and won’t drink much. So if you do find a girl in a bar that is drunk, looks to be on her own or with just 1 friend and falling for your one liners, she is probably a working girl (see above). This makes approaching girls in a bar or club very difficult as those local girls that are there are generally not looking to meet someone, but if you do happen to strike up a conversation with one, get her number straight away as you have done really well.

Asian girls are notoriously shy and they do not prescribe to the “ladette” culture you see in the west. Chatting a girl up in the street or mall or bus stop isn’t going to be easy. They will more than likely think you are some kind of freak that actually offer you their number. If you do get chatting to a local girl, don’t invite them out for a drink to a bar or club (See above) you are much better off taking them for coffee somewhere you can talk, or dinner.

Internet Dating

There are a number of dating sites available now for dating Asian girls. On here you will find a good mix of working girls and local girls. One of the best is ThaiFriendly and they have several other sites for the Philippines and other parts of Asia too. It’s free to sign up and send messages but there are restrictions, upgrading to premium membership isn’t that much though if you are serious about finding an Asian girlfriend.

Overcoming the Cultural Differences

Ok so now you have your Asian girlfriend, how do you make it last? This can be even trickier than finding a nice girl in the first place. Asian girls are very loyal (for the most part). Once you are dating, they do not expect you to date other girls, even if you have had 1 coffee shop date, they will expect you to see out whatever kind of relationship you have with them. This can cause a problem if you are a member of a dating site and have been chatting to a few girls and arranged to meet a couple in the space of a short time. I personally don’t see anything wrong with this, but an Asian girl won’t see it this way. They expect you to be loyal to them until you have decided not to see each other again. If you have more than 1 date, it’s even worse. I have known a few girls who have been very upset with even the thought of me talking with other girls whilst I have been on a couple of dates.

Secondly, as mentioned above, Asian girls will not expect their boyfriends to go out drinking every night or even every weekend. They will expect you to take them out to dinner, movies, go to the beach. The pub and bar culture of the west is quite alien to Asian girls, unless they work in a bar themselves. If you are serious about dating an Asian girl then you will have to change your activities around them or you will not be in a relationship for long.

Finally, Family is everything in Asia. Asian girls are very family orientated so you must show the upmost respect to her parents and her siblings. If you are not accepted by them, she is unlikely to be with you for very long. Do not expect an Asian girl to give up her family, even if she really loves you. A lot of Asians support their parents in comparison to the west where many parents support their children. Once you are married or even in a long term relationship you may have to start giving money to your girlfriend’s family. This can be a source of arguments and working girls in particular are good at tapping this particular cash cow, but don’t expect because she is not working in a bar that you she doesn’t expect you to help out her family from time to time.

Every Asian girl is different and every relationship is different. Dating will take time but if you can accept each other’s cultural differences there is no reason you shouldn’t have a very strong and healthy relationship.

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