Forget EgyptAir 804 crash: 5 reasons to still visit Egypt

This week saw the tragic crash of EgyptAir flight 804 into the Mediterranean sea with 56 passengers, 7 crew and 3 security officers on board. This is the latest in a line of events that have done nothing to revive the Egyptian tourism collapse that has been going on since 2011. 

Political turmoil in Egypt started in 2011 with the protests in Tahir Square. Egypt seemed to recover quickly from this and tourists like Sharm El Sheikh were only mildly affected. Then on 31st October 2015 a Russian Airbus A321 crashed into the Sinai Peninsula killing all 224 people on board. Islamic state claimed responsibility for the bombing of the plane and immediately confidence in the country plummeted. 

Only 1 million tourists visited Egypt in November and December, down 41% on the previous year. A drop in tourism revenue is devastating to a country like Egypt that relies heavily on tourists to revive an already struggling economy. Britain and Russia have suspended flights to Egypt since the Sinai crash, these countries accounted for no less than 70% of tourists into Egypt.

After 2011 tourists stopped going to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan as they were perceived as not safe following the protests. Beach tourism to resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh was still doing well but now that has all changed. From the cities to the pyramids to the beach, Egypt is going through its biggest crisis in tourism confidence in its history. 

Tourists are right to be concerned of course but there are still plenty of reasons to visit Egypt. Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Egypt now. 

1. Over Dramatised Politics and Terrorism

The protests of 2011 are domestic, these is no ill feeling towards tourists and the country is still one of the safest to visit. Flying is still statistically the safest way to travel and 2 disasters in a year is minor compared to the number of flights in and out of Egypt. 

2. Pyramids

Something you simply have to do once in your life. Visit the amazing pyramids of Giza. There are no bus loads of tourists, the attractions are largely crowd free because they only sell a certain number of tickets every day. Now is your chance to see these amazing miracle monuments. 

3. The Egyptian People

Egyptians love to welcome tourists and their warmth is genuine. Yes a lot of this is set around the tourist industry but when mixing with local people you will feel welcomed and accepted. 

4 Amazing Prices

Well this is 2-fold. Firstly because the tourism industry has plummeted, prices of hotels and flights have been reduced dramatically. You can pick up some amazing deals right now on hotels, especially on the beach resorts which have never been effected by protests or terrorism. Don't forget to visit the bazaars where there are a huge amount of bargains to be had if you are willing to haggle. Get the latest and best deals here

5. Bedouin Coffee

I am a coffee connoisseur I know but I can tell you drinking a Bedouin coffee will blow your mind, an absolute must. 

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