Immigration Isn’t the Problem, Democracy is

I’m not one to write about politics often but I do have some strong views. What has happened in recent weeks in the UK has shook the country as whole, everyone has been effected in some way, you can feel it in the streets, everyone is talking about it. A lot has been said about what has or hasn’t been done and what could be done but to be honest, I think the governments hands are tied in many ways because of the constitutional system we have.

What people need to realise is that Immigration isn’t the problem, democracy is. These terrorists aren’t refugee’s trying to find a better life in a new country. They are 2nd and 3rd generation British citizens that have been radicalised in the UK because of Democracy. Democracy that has allowed these views to flourish, that has tied up police in red tape or fear of litigation and PR pressure. Democracy that places the human rights of terrorist suspects above the rights of ordinary law abiding citizens. Democracy that has allowed a terrorist sympathiser like Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the opposition. If he was Prime Minister now the terrorists would still be at large as he has said on many occasions he is against a shoot to kill policy.

A lot of people are posting on Facebook saying “We are at War”. Well let’s start acting like it then. Certain things need to be done at times of war, some are not nice, some are not humane, but don’t forget we are not dealing with humane individuals.

The Government needs to take radical steps:-

  1. Declare Martial Law and get the army protecting our citizens until the threat level has reduced.
  2. Introduce national ID cards so we know who everyone is, link this to the passport database so we know who is coming in and out of the country.
  3. Raid the mosques where radicalists preach their hatred and make these vile Imams “disappear”

This should just be the beginning of what could be a great purge on hate in the country. BUT..none of this can happen if we are still in a democracy.

We are at war as many have stated and so democracy must be suspended until such a time it is safe to be bought back. (There were no elections between 1935 and 1945, there is precedent). The last thing May needs is a vegetarian soap dodger with piercings and tattoos protesting about human rights when police lock up the local Imam hate preacher. Neither does she need to worry about PR and winning votes at a time of national crisis.

Let’s stop changing our profile pictures, lighting candles, lighting up buildings and signing condolence books pretending everything will be alright. Let’s start doing something that will make a real difference. 

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