My 4 Week Vegan Diet Challenge

Over the next 4 weeks I will be embarking on a vegan diet that will contain only fruit and vegetables. I had almost completely cut out red meat from my diet leading up to this point but still ate a lot of chicken and carbohydrates. I have now decided to take this a step further and cut meat completely out of my diet as well as fish and dairy products. I will do this for the next 4 weeks and see how I feel, with the hope that I can alter my diet sufficiently from that point on, although I will not be 100% vegan after 4 weeks.

One of the reasons I am doing this is that I find it difficult to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables with my lifestyle. Although I am quite healthy and regularly run 20-30kms a week and visit the gym, I find it difficult to fit enough fruit and vegetables in my diet and so I need to be strict with myself and embark on a challenge to do this. After the 4 week period is over I will go back to eating meat, fish and dairy but I will also mix in some of my vegan meals into my usual diet. My aim is to reduce my blood pressure and lose some weight. I will update my progress here after the 4 week period is over.

There are a lot of things written about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and a vegan diet with a lot of contradictions also. Let’s have a look at some more scientific facts about adopting a vegan diet.

  1. Vegan diets contain many more nutrients. Some studies have suggested fibre is much higher in some diets and antioxidants are also in greater numbers. It is better to eat fresher foods as these also contain more vitamins and minerals.
  2. Almost all the studies on vegan diets show it will help lose weight. This of course needs to be taking in consideration with an exercise program. Whilst I am following the diet I will continue to run and visit the gym, I do not intend to cut back on my exercise so I must ensure I get enough energy in my food.
  3. It lowers blood sugar levels which is good for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure overall. This also means other medical complications such as heart disease and certain cancers will be reduced. Although there is no specific link to these from the studies any way you can lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and increase nutrients in your body is always good.

What I must do though is make sure I am eating enough of the foods I need to stay healthy. I need to make sure I am getting enough energy for my exercise and I am not cutting out fat completely from my diet and I certainly don’t want to lose any muscle mass. I will keep a check of these issues over the 4 week period and hopefully it will have a positive impact on my health.

Starting Weight = 83Kg

Average Blood Pressure = 146/82

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