Pay It Forward with 2 Thai Charities

It is important to remember that when we travel around this vast world we are one of the very lucky ones. Many people do not have the opportunity for world travel, many cannot leave their own homes. So, as we travel it is always important to pay it forward as much as possible and help those in need with charitable donations. Here are 2 amazing charity organisations that have been making a different to people's lives for years, and continue to do so. 

The SET Foundation, as it says on its website, has a very specific aim. Namely to make a positive difference. The SET foundation stands for the Students’ Education Trust and was set up in 1994 by a British man who had become a Monk in Thailand. His name was then Phra Peter Pannapadipo. He was living in a monastery in Northern Thailand as well as teaching part-time in a local Thai School. Phra Peter was inspired by one of his students who was too poor even to make the journey to school, so this boy actually lived at school during the week.

This boy, his name was Seckson, was academically bright and eventually passed a university entrance exam. The problem was, his parents were so poor there was absolutely no way he could ever attend University. So Phra Peter set about starting a huge fund raising campaign, initially just with his friends back in the UK. They raised so much money that they could not only send Seckson to school but they were able to start a fund to help others who were in the same position. This further inspired Phra Peter to set up The SET Foundation.

Phra Peter started writing books to raise further money and eventually Phra Peter gave up the monkhood to dedicate his work fulltime to The SET Foundation. Know today as Peter Robinson, he is the backbone of the organization as their Director. The SET Foundation is a registered charity in Thailand and raises Millions of Baht every year to help poor students unable to pay for a High School or University education. The SET Foundation gives scholarships and helps with student welfare, it really is a remarkable organization and an excellent, worthwhile charity. Please follow the link and give as much as you can The SET Foundation

The other Charity I want to promote is The Father Ray Foundation, Pattaya. This charity takes care of unwanted, abandoned, abused, orphaned and disadvantaged children and also those with disabilities. It was set up in the 1970’s by Father Ray Brennan who was an American priest that was posted around Thailand in the 60’s and 70’s.

His life changed when after a service a woman came up to him and asked him to take care of her baby as the father had ran away and she could not take care of it herself. Father Ray took the child in and soon word spread, especially during the Vietnam War, when a lot of unwanted half Thai, half American babies were born and not accepted by Thai society. Father Ray died in 2003 but today his work lives on through The Father Ray Foundation. Their motto “We never turn a needy child away” is the legacy of Father Ray that still lives on.

The Father Ray Foundation relies on donations and volunteers to do its work, please donate of volunteer as they are always looking for active and willing people to help those children most in need.Father Ray Foundation

Visit both of these charities websites today for more information and please donate as much as you can afford. 

The SET Foundation

Father Ray Foundation


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