Power and Influence

When I look at the news these days it seems there is always someone accusing someone else of sexual misconduct. This all started a few weeks ago when the Harvey Weinstein scandal came out and women started to come forward. Now it seems that particular scandal has somehow freed up other women to come forward claiming they were sexually abused in one way or another by other celebrities, politicians and the such like. Now if these allegations are true, obviously it’s a terrible travesty and these people should rightly be punished, but I can’t help wondering if there is not an element of women “jumping on the bandwagon”. Prosecutors and judges must be very careful to bring these people to justice, but they must also make sure the evidence is there and they are not swayed by the populist media that have brought these kind of stories to the forefront over the past few months.

Sadly, people with power and influence have always been in a position to extract what they want, whether it be sexual or otherwise over those that are not in a position to say no for whatever reason. This is not new and has been going on for centuries. I’m not saying this is correct or that it should be the way, all I am saying is, that it is just so. Living in Asia I see corruption all the time from people in power. Police, politicians, criminal organisations, people with money. They are able to get what they want and take what they want in many cases, it is wrong, but in the developing world it is just a consequence of human nature. After all if we look back to ancient history, the Romans, the British Empire, Genghis Khan, all invaded countries and cultures, took what they want and exerted their power over those that could not resist.

The media in developed western cultures will cause an outcry when such acts take place and rightly so. It shouldn’t be the norm in the 21st century that people get away with these actions. If we are to criticize those in developing countries for their immorality then the west needs to get its own house in order and punish those that use their power and influence to harm others. 

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