Rainy Season in South East Asia

There is nothing quite like seeing the rain come sweeping across the horizon. As the picture shows, this is more than commonplace during Rainy season in South East Asia. This is the view from my Condo, which is only on the 8th floor but high enough to view a landscape for miles around. This if of course partly due to the lack of development in Myanmar at this time and who knows how long I will have this amazing view so I will just enjoy it while I can.

You know the rain is coming by the slight breeze that starts hitting you. The rustle in the trees and humidity finally begins to let up, if only for a few minutes. The clouds get darker, and then if you are high enough, as I was at the time from my Condo, you will see the rain in the distance, creeping slowly but surely towards you. With the rain comes a sense of freshness, the birds seem freer as they move to dry ground. It brings relief to the flowers and the trees that are waiting for the first few drops of the day. People on the streets begin to react, they look skywards and start putting up their umbrellas, waiting for the inevitable to happen.

It arrives incredibly fast. One minute you see it on the horizon and the next it is right there upon you. As I look over the balcony the roads are now like mini rivers, people left out in the rain run for cover, cars windscreen wipers are working hastily to give drivers a sense of safety as they continue their journey. Drains find it difficult to keep up with the deluge and people tentatively walk trying to avoid the puddles and the splashes from the cars as they pass by. Everyone is unsure whether to wait for the downpour to ease or just carry on as normal and hope it doesn’t get worse. Ultimately in this part of the world, the rains are so unpredictable, sometimes you are better off just carrying on. Street dogs look for shelter, restaurants cover the outside tables, and shop owners bring in merchandise from outside their store.

Eventually the rain eases and the calm returns. There is new smell in the air, the green of the trees and flowers are now even more evident. By the roadside the drains begin to swallow all the excess water and roads return to being roads once more. People start coming back onto the sidewalks, umbrellas get taken down and put away. Almost as quickly as the rains came the sun is back to dry everything up and with it the humidity can be as unbearable as ever.

Just another rainy season day in South East Asia. 

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