Sky Bars in South East Asia

Everyone likes a nice view and sky bars these days seem to be all the rage. There are plenty of them opening up around the world, from trendy Manhattan nightspots to London bistro bars, all want to give customers something extra. In Asia, this is no different and many major cities are filled with sky bars that give you a view of the surrounding area.

Bangkok now has a whole host of sky bars dotted throughout the city. One of the most famous is the Hotel Lebua’s Sirocco sky bar, featured in the film The Hangover Part II. Along with its Hollywood status come the Hollywood prices. A sip of the self-made Hangover cocktail will set you back 650 baht before tax, equivalent to around $20. Yes, you get a nice view of the chao phraya river and the bustling city behind it, but is it really worth that much?

There are other famous sky bars in Bangkok. Above 11 is famous for its sushi menu but drinks prices are again a lot higher than regular bars in the city. The Marriott sukhumvit now has the Octave sky bar which being slightly outside the main part of the city doesn’t have its views blocked by a multitude of condo developments or skyscrapers. Sky bars are fun and funky but really do give off this pretentious vibe, perhaps that’s why they can charge so much for regular drinks.

Since moving to Yangon I’ve visited a couple of bars that aren’t really sky bars but have a fantastic view and they do not charge inflated prices, just regular food and drinks. This week though I came across a sky bar that seems to want to compete with the pretension of Bangkok. It is called Yangon Yangon but I must say does offer some spectacular views of the city. One the best things about Yangon is that it is very much a developing city, lots of greenery still around and although building work is going on there isn’t the over development you find in Thailand. The sky bar had a great view of the main road leading to the Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon. It also had a nice side view of the Shwedagon Pagoda and views across the city to the main shopping area.

As this country develops and the city starts to be built up, more and more of these sky bars I’m sure will start to spring up, unfortunately, some of the views will begin to get distorted as well. Now is the time to visit a sky bar in Yangon before the view disappears. 

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