The Thai Expat

You always meet a wide variety of interesting people as you travel around the world, none more so than in Asia. There is one country though that seems to attract a certain type of person, rather it turns people into a certain type of person, namely Thailand. I am not talking about the obvious sex tourist here, yes we all know Thailand caters for them, but so do other countries.

Millions of people travel to Thailand every year and some settle and try to make a new life in Thailand. Whether these people already have this personality or staying In Thailand changes them, there are certain types of men in particular that seem settle in Thailand either for work, retire or try to stick around for other reasons and make ends meet. I would say the most have this same trait.

Competitive, Insecure with Serious Tall Poppy Syndrome

It seems when some people discover Thailand, they believe they are the only ones “allowed” or “valid” to be living in the country. Everyone else should be deported as they are giving their own country a bad reputation to the locals. If you frequent a bar you will often hear groups of expats talking and the conversation will invariably turn to mocking, laughing and seriously slandering other expats living there. They will talk about the retiree who has a new younger girlfriend “she is only after his money, she will take it all, he will be back home soon with nothing” The businessman “He has spent thousands on that, I can’t see it working” The digital nomad “What a waster, he just comes over here playing on the computer, he can do that anywhere, why doesn’t he just go home”

It is not limited to the bars either, social media also have a wave of insults flying around for no apparent reason. One popular tweeter often refers to backpackers as twatpackers highlighting their youthful exuberance, the shock of it, how dare backpackers come to Thailand? We were all young once, just let them be. If you go on the dating sites like Thai Friendly you will see comments on girls profiles attacking each other. On this site if you don’t have a full membership you can only post comments and not send messages, full memberships have to be paid for. Some of the comments I have seen include “why don’t you pay for a full membership and leave her alone?” as well as “You dirty pervert, you are too old for her” and “You should get a new hair style and stick to your own country” Such competitive bullshit, what is the point?

Whilst I am on the subject of Thai Friendly just looking at some of the profiles you can see the type of personalities that now live in Thailand. There is one profile I saw, a body builder, all his pictures had his shirt off and he must have mentioned how he drives around in his Audi Sport TT and Mercedes 3 times in his write up along with the fact that he has multiple world titles and is rich. He obviously believes this is what will set him apart from others. Of course this profile is then ridiculed by fellow expats in just the same way.

Are they already like this or does Thailand change people?

I think when most people visit Thailand for the first time they come as tourists and inevitably end up in the tourist areas, the pubs, the bars, the temples, the beaches etc. They come across people trying to rip them off, they come across beautiful ladies looking for payment for any kind of sexual service you request. This is by no means the real Thailand but some people then settle in Thailand and get used to this everyday life and it changes them. Their moral compass is reset and suddenly it is ok to cheat on your wife or girlfriend with a bar girl, it is ok to scam someone you have never met before or lie to them to somehow gain from it yourself. Furthermore, it is ok to talk about people, slander them, and generally be unfriendly. Now, not everyone is like this of course, unfortunately though the ones that aren’t are in the minority.  

The expat rule is, you have found paradise and you don’t want to share it with anyone, especially those you believe to be unworthy. 

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