The Top 5 Running Events in Thailand

When I say I like to run living in Bangkok most people think I’m crazy. Bangkok is notoriously one of the most polluted cities in the world so how can I enjoy running. Actually there are some great running venues in Bangkok and Thailand as a whole that make running very pleasurable.

There are a huge number of running clubs in Thailand and you will frequently see people running in the mornings and evenings especially at the local parks. One of my favourite venues for an evening run is Benjasiri Park near Phrom Phong BTS station. This gets quite full in the evenings, not only with runners but also people playing badminton and there is often an aerobics class that starts around 6pm.

Parks are a great way to train and get ready for the multitude of running events that Thailand has to offer. There are a number of websites that list details of running events around the country and plenty of organizations that will hold events for charities and just for fun too! Some websites to check out include, and All of these have a booking section where you can sign up for one of the events. These days barely a week goes by without there being an organized running event of some kind. I have competed in a variety of these events so now I give you my top 5 running events in Thailand, in no particular order.

  1. Ayutthaya

This run is held in December every year. There is a full marathon, half marathon, 10km and fun run. This is probably the most picturesque runs I have ever competed in. The route takes you around the beautiful old temples of Ayutthaya and is truly stunning. Furthermore, at that time of year it is ideal conditions for an early morning run. This event is organized by unique running.

  1. Sukhothai

Similar to Ayutthaya, the Sukhothai run is full marathon, half marathon, 10km and fun run, also organized by unique running. This is held in June every year starting at the Sukhothai Historical Park. The route takes you through the historical park, past amazing temples and through the old city of Sukhothai. It is another breathtaking run but Sukhothai is not the easiest place to get to. Worth participating at least once, just for the experience.

  1. Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon

The Standard Chartered Marathon in Bangkok starts at the Grand Palace and the route takes in a lot of the historical side of Bangkok, you will run past a number of famous landmarks. This is held in November every year and is usually well attended with over 10,000 runners annually. Because of the large number of participants, if you are a fast runner, you really need to be near the front or you will just get swamped in the crowd. There is a full marathon, half marathon, 10km, 4.5km and 1.5km race. This is organized through Standard Chartered Bank but you can register through go adventure Asia.

  1. Pattaya Marathon

This is held every year in July and usually starts on beach road outside the Hilton Hotel. There is a half marathon, 10km run and 5km run. The route has changed every year I have done it and through different sponsors and organization, gets slightly different every year. It tends to wind through the streets of Pattaya, from Beach road, 2nd road up to Sukhumvit road before coming back to the start and finish line on beach road. It’s a nice run by the sea and also well attended.

  1. Laguna Phuket Marathon

The Laguna Phuket Marathon is another well attended event that is organized around early June every year. It is a very nice quiet run that takes in some lovely areas of Phuket, starting and finishing at the Laguna Resort in Phuket. There is a full marathon, half marathon, 10.5km, 5km and 2km run and a 5km community walk so even those with very little training can participate. 

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