Why Are New Year’s Resolutions So Hard to Keep?

Two weeks into the New Year now and it’s around this time when people start struggling to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Many start off with good intentions on New Year’s day and with a wave of optimism and will power manage to keep things going, but as the days go by it becomes harder and harder. This then begs the question, why are New Year’s resolutions so hard to keep?

A lot of New Year’s resolutions revolve around health in some way. Exercising more or dieting are the most common. Giving up smoking or getting out of debt are also common resolutions. So, here lies the problem. A lot of New Year’s resolutions are just too difficult. Quitting smoking, when you are addicted, take a huge amount of willpower and thinking you will do it at a certain time of year is doomed to failure.

Many debts from Christmas will have to be paid in January and this can lead to stress which is not easy to cope with when you are trying to give up smoking. Getting out of debt also means a significant life change. Cutting down on expenses or finding some extra income from somewhere.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is they are just too unrealistic. They are not thought through at the time, they all sound great when you are partying over Christmas but the willpower, dedication and determination to see them through are underestimated.

Rather than big resolutions, it is better to stick to smaller steps. For example, eating more salad, will help you lose weight. Going to the gym a couple of days a week will help you exercise more. Restricting unnecessary spending, will help you get out of debt.

There is no point in setting unrealistic goals, just because the New Year dictates a fresh start. There are other and easier ways to change things for the better. 

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